Bad words

My Smart phone won’t prompt the word ‘suicide’.
What the duck… fuck.

I understand that making sure duck prompts first for the general population is a good thing, albeit frustrating.
but c’mon.
It’s not a bad word.
It’s a desperate act that leaves pain in its wake, but it’s a word.
My phone has no problem prompting words like racism, hatred, despair, bullying and loneliness, but apparently “suicide” is best replaced with “suitcase”.

Why does this make me so angry?
Because it’s not a bad word. The event is absolutely terrible and gut wrenching, but avoiding it on spell prompts slaps that word right back into the “shhhh… don’t talk about it” zone. An era I thought we were past.

Would you really think that preventing you from spelling it in the lazy fashion we spell everything these days is going to make a difference? Nope.
I’m pretty sure everyone who died by suicide wasn’t influenced by auto prompt… but I’ll tell you as a suicide survivor left behind, I’m pissed.
Perhaps I’m over reacting, but to me it feels like it’s a step back in the role social media has played in suicides over its growth.
Some sickos out there get a kick out of encouraging people to take their own lives online.  Other insensitivity champions chose to hurt, and bruise and kill with their cyber based hatred. None of their terrible words were prevented from auto populating. (It won’t prompt murder, either).

There is a “let’s talk” campaign that uses texting as one of their main fundraising platforms. The “talk” being over depression, wether acute or chronic, and suicide prevention. Therefore, why do we hide the word suicide on the devices that might be the one lifeline for someone on the edge.

It’s a butcher (bitch)
It’s shirt (shit)
It ducking sucks…. you get that one.

Yes, this is a very short entry, not about much but a shortcoming in technology and what I feel is a quiet middle finger to mental health. Oh, they have the middle finger emoticon… and I’m giving it to the technology twat (also not prompted) who decided the word suitcase, I mean suicide, wasn’t worth the trouble.
This bothers me. Now you know.
That is all.

Gotta run.


One thought on “Bad words

  1. Thank you for this. The stigma runs so deep, but the courage to speak … so powerful. And yeah, it fucking sucks.


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