Regrets… I have a few.

I regret so much in regards to John. I’m sure people who lose loved ones to natural deaths, or deaths you know are coming, have regrets as well, but suicide doesn’t give you a chance to make things right. You don’t get to say goodbye. The last time we spoke, I was in a hotel […]

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You are loved

John was a snappy dresser. Yes, he had his silly satirical, goofy tshirts, but generally he was, as they say, a sharply dressed man. Dress shirts with jeans, paired with a sport coat, black jacket and nice shoes. Even in khaki shorts and tshirt, (or a shirt I made him) I always thought he looked […]

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Better Halves

If you’re lucky, you have or will find a half and they make you whole. John made me a better person, but I know we were great together. We had our issues, but always loved. We were two halves of each other. I’m doubtful I’ll ever find this again. Halves are funny things. You need […]

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Trail mixed emotions

I still consider myself a new runner, ┬ábut I have had lots of firsts in my 1st year of running. My first Santa run. My first virtual run. My first fundraising run. My first run in Newfoundland. (Yep. 10 k on ‘The Rock’) and my first real trail run. With hills and stuff. I finished […]

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Te Echo de Menos

The first year after losing my beautiful husband to suicide has passed. I made it. Some days I honestly didn’t think I would. It is so very difficult to be alive some times when you’re constantly asking yourself “what if”, “why” and trying to believe it never happened. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that […]

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