hello, goodbye, come back

This one isn’t so much about healing, but about remembering. I’ve redecorated a lot at home. I’m not eliminating things, but trying embrace my new status. Not widow, but i was John’s wife, i still am his wife, but now it’s just me. This is my home now. i live here alone.This house, home, was […]

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Ohm, shanti, what?

I’ve done yoga for years now, Moksha yoga, specifically. I love it; the heat, the sweating, the shaky leg muscles holding postures, and especially the stretching. Yoga in itself is a moving meditation, although I have mostly considered it a workout. Chatarunga is chataFunga for biceps and great for core. yoga changed my body for […]

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Running with Ed

Hi again At one point, John thought it was a great idea to start running. He was a big guy, more footballer than runner, but he liked to stay fit, so running was an easy choice… because after buying the shoes, it’s free. You can pretty much do it anywhere, and he liked listening to […]

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Dance therapy

Running has been great. It helps my mind in a way that therapy does not. I must say that therapy has been good, as well and I encourage anyone to go and talk about your worries, your woes, your grief. I also encourage running. The rhythm, the breathing, the constant tread of your own feet. […]

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Bad words

My Smart phone won’t prompt the word ‘suicide’. What the duck… fuck. I understand that making sure duck prompts first for the general population is a good thing, albeit frustrating. but c’mon. Suicide. It’s not a bad word. It’s a desperate act that leaves pain in its wake, but it’s a word. My phone has […]

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