Cold runnings

This entry is actually about running, mostly. I’m on a major sick day(s) and in lieu of running, I’ll write about it.

We’ve had some frigid days this winter, hitting the -25 Celsius mark regularly.
I’ve signed up for some winter runs and really hoped it wouldn’t be that cold. So far just an 8k, a winter obstacle course and a 5 km road run before the trail season starts in earnest. With the extra cold weather, and with all of the snow we got, I just HAD to buy new gear. True story.
I needed new shoes!
My little foamy sketchers definitely do not have the grip I need for ice and snow, so I ventured into one of my favourite stores: Mountain Equipment Co-op.
I knew it would be a dangerous venture.
Just get the shoes, only the shoes.
Then I laughed.
Pretty sure John would have raised an eyebrow and chuckled himself. He, too, was rather fond of this store.
We always said we’d kit up and go hardcore camping. But not winter camping. He really didn’t like the cold and I’m not sure what he’d think about me getting winter running shoes. Hmmmmm.

So, I’m not pushing a brand or anything, but I knew I wanted Salomon. I had 2 of their winter shoes, just regular hikers, years ago and loved them. They lasted over 10 years and I wore them a lot.

I have high hopes for these new runners. A lot heavier than I am used to, as far as running shoes go, but the grip is amazeballs.
My feet are adjusting to a bit more stability. These have fairly decent arch supports, so I’m wondering if on super long distances, will that cause discomfort. So far just the new shoes blisters that I always get. I like my floppy ankles and feet to be free, and hope they don’t restrict too much movement.
For some reason now, my left middle toes like to cross over each other and needless to say, ow. Perhaps these will help…

I also had intentions of snowshoeing this year, but I know my snow shoes are stored right next to John’s. I bawled my eyes last time I took them out and was never able to go out. Snowshoeing is fabulous cardio, but the hardest part won’t be the heart workout, but keeping the heart together on the trails. Frozen tears suck.
Everything reminds me of him.
I talked to him at MEC and even looked at winter gear for him. Weird, I know. But when I see couples making adventure plans together, I feel empty.
He talked me out of buying too much. (I’d like to think.. I certainly didn’t want to put anything back.)

Sorry. back to the running. I’ll try these runners out further, hopefully get over the week one blisters, and hopefully will be a deep snow running pro in the next few weeks(if we get more snow), if not, I’ll look good trying. These babies are rad.
Snow angels, anyone?

Gotta run…once I stop coughing.

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